Al-Azizijja in Libya

My last stop in search for the hottest places in the world was in Libya. Well, it is not surprising that one of the warmest points on the world map is localised just in the Northern Africa. Almost 90% of the country’s territory are deserts including Sahara and Libya’n Desert.

Obviously, it is possible to find there an oasis but I wouldn’t recommend to look for them. I mean I would never recommend to adventure into the hottest all over the world deserts! However, this is not any of the deserts that are so terrifying regarding the atmospheric conditions! There is a small town called Al-Azizijja which the scientists have declared the hottest place in the world. It turns out that this is just in Al-Azizijja where the highest temperature was reported.

Incredible vie over the desert surrounding Al-Azizijja
Incredible vie over the desert surrounding Al-Azizijja

In the small town in Libya in 1922 there was 58 degrees Celsius! And then, it was the highest reported temperature in the history! During the next 90 years it was considered to be the hottest place in the world, until they measured the temperature in Death Valley. Well, now a little bit about the place. The town, like the whole country in inhabited mainly by Islam followers and it is over 97% of the population.

Not only is the religion an integral part of those people lives but it is also very important part of the country policy. Christianity in Libya is the main religion of only 2,5% of the population. The town of Al-Azizijja is not a typical industry centre. Most of the people living there work in nearby Tripolis in huge furniture or textile manufactories. Life standard in this area is not the best, people live chastely and modestly.

The sanctions that ONZ has put in 1992 into the country have postponed the technological development what is very noticeable today.