Iran or rather The Islamic Republic of Iran is just like the whole rest of The Middle East – deserts, deserts, deserts, few little forests and rare oasis. Indeed, this is like Iran looks like. The ground is just burned, sunbaked, literally. The whole region is really hot but the place that deserves the biggest attention is Ahwaz.

Ahwaz is a small city located in the southwest of Iran. The infamous town is known for the world’s worst air pollution. The study held in 2011 by the World Heath Organisation has proved that in terms of the air, Ahvaz is the worst place to live. The town is located about 90 km north-east of Abadan which lies at the heart of the country.

View over the city of Ahwaz, Iran
View over the city of Ahwaz, Iran

Well, as I said before, just like the whole rest of Iran Ahvaz is characterised by kinda desert climate. Staying there you may suspect very long and very worm summers and pretty mild and not so long winters. It lies only few meters above sea level. It almost never rains here – this is not more then 2 cm annually.

The average summer temperature is 47 degrees Celsius but very often it exceeds 50 degrees Celsius! The climate is very dry and there are often sandstorms. Very common phenomenon are dust storms as well. During winter the temperature never goes under 0 degrees Celsius and it never snows in here .he record noted temperature was 54 degrees Celsius (129.0) and it was in July 2009. As the most air-polluted city in the world, Ahwas is under constant observation of the World Health Organisation.

What interesting, the city’s government runs special policy due to the atmospheric condition in the town. Well, during summer, everyday, all the stores and restaurants are closed from the noontime till 6pm or even 7pm. Mostly, it is impossible to work in such a sizzling weather. So, if you are looking for a really hot place for your vacation, you don’t need to search anymore;).